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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Young Doctors Learn Medical Practice from TV!

An interesting article in the National Post came out the other day which talks about how young doctors in medical school are learning bad habits from things they see in television. A doctor did a study and a large amount of students admit to learning tips from television shows such as E.R. and Grey's Anatomy. I find it really interesting that fictional media can have such a huge impact in the real world and especially in something as important as medical practice. Looks like these kids could use some MIT training! Read the article here.


Medical Mastery said...

I Think being a doctor will not as easy as watching t.v. you need to be focus and learn every step of it.

Laura Daniel said...

I feel that with the knowledge I have learned on television shows I should be a doctor, then I think back to my lifeguarding training and how CPR is so different from tv then it is in person...
I guess I will stick to real life..
Great post B.

emlocks said...

however, sometime they can actually learn good things 2! I have a friend who just got into a residency and once she was the only person that knew a diagnosis because she had seen it on Greys Anatomy! True Story!


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