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Friday, March 6, 2009

Mac Vs PC

Mac vs PC seems to be a topic that never seems to go away. I am an avid Apple fan and came across these great images making fun of Windows. Feel free to discuss your opinion on the Mac vs PC War!


Nick said...

Ahh, the age old battle between Mac's vs. PC's.

This debate should be squashed and reborn as as Apple OS' vs. Microsoft OS'!

Many people have the misconception that:
PC = Microsoft
Mac = Apple

But more recently... hardware platforms changed and we have:

Mac's: Windows (Vista, Seven)
PC's: Linux, Unix, Windows

Because Macs can run Windows now, saying "PC's suck because of Windows" is equivalent to saying "Macs suck because of Windows".


Bmastrom said...

That is true, and a very good point. What I mean to say then is windows sucks haha.


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