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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lousy Smarch Weather

Anyone getting tired of the weather yet? I hate Smarch!

Quote: "Lousy Smarch weather…"

Episode: "Treehouse Of Horror VI" (10/30/95)

Context: Spoken by a chilly Homer, looking at misprinted 13-month calendars purchased by Springfield Elementary.

Real-life uses: A fun way to bitch about the weather—particularly during an unseasonably chilly Midwestern "spring," when every day feels like Smarch.

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Laura Daniel said...

Haha- I totally remember this episode, I am sick of the weather being so A.D.D. I think it needs to pick a temperature and stick to it!
Speaking of weather, its -15 out today but by Friday its supposed to be at most +8!! I can't wait


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