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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CBC Documentary - The End

CBC put out a documentary mini series focusing on the changing trends in technologies that have been around for a while. It is a three part series which focuses on print, radio, and television. CBC host Jian Ghomeshi interviews people in the industry as well as every day users of these technologies to get an insight in the direction the entertainment industry is heading.

Fun Fact: My dad went to high school with Jian Ghomeshi

Of the three parts, the one I felt most relatable to my blogging class was “The End of Print” one. One side of the argument was that because of mediums, such as blogs, the days of print media, such as newspapers or books, are over. I believe this to be semi true. I do think the amount of news papers, magazines, and books will decrease in the future, I still think there is a place for it in this world. I know that I love picking up the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine and keeping it for bathroom reading. You can’t bring a laptop into the bathroom to read news updates! (or can you?) I also don’t think I could get used to the idea of reading a novel on a screen. A few news articles here and there are fine, but I think I would rather have the actual book, just as Margaret Atwood mentions in the video.

I also feel the way about the radio segment. Although the world is moving towards more electronic and digital forms of music, there is a place for the traditional radio. Again, my bathroom is the perfect place for it. I always have it on while in the shower. I get to catch some news, hear a couple of tunes and it makes life a little more interesting. I can’t bring my ipod or a satellite radio into the bathroom.

All in all, I think for someone in my demographic, regular tv, traditional radio, and print media still are really relevant in my life.

All three parts of the documentary can be seen here



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